Crystal Therapy

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Crystal Therapy is an accredited alternative therapeutic method that uses crystals (prescious or semi-prescious jewels) for therapeutic purposes.
 Depending on the kind, color, or structure of each crystal, it's energy is transferred into the human body cells, and creates a therapeutic effect by intervening into the energy aura.

In my collection "Elia" (Olive) I have used the following two crystalls.

Aventurine has a pure green therapeutic beam that penetrates to every problem and provides the vibration for the treatment. You can have aventurine in times of stress and upheaval, because it calms the energy and brings balance. Dissolves those feelings create blockages in the heart or the solar plexus. Dissipates the 'buried' fears. Very good for headaches and migraines because it calms the mental tension and eliminates anger.

Smoky Quartz

The crystal Smoky Quartz  is an excellent antidote to combat anxiety and stress. Soothe anger by offering emotional balance. It contributes positively to those wishing to get in touch with their physical state and increase sexual energy. Smoke quartz connects you with the energy of  the earth. Helps you  tolerate  the difficult moments calmly, strengthening your perseverance and determination